Back in shape again

Alleviate accumulated tension and face your new commitments after the holidays with renewed vigour. Drop a dress size if you have put on weight over

“Delizie al Limone“

The cultivation of lemons on the Sorrento Peninsula goes back thousands of years … it is a special kind of lemon, bright yellow, with a rough

Bagnati dal Sole

A new concept in wellness and hospitality at Meta, near Sorrento. The beneficial purifying influences of Feng Shui welcome you to a place of


An unforgettable experience, the perfect opportunity to close the eyes...and shut out the day! Rediscover the harmony of the couple thanks to

Sirena al sole

The Sorrento peninsula is bound to the legend of the Mermaids or Sirene in Italian. There are many versions of the stories handed down from

“ The Food of Love…. “

Live a unique experience on the Sorrento peninsula, with its plentiful and beautiful nature much loved by artists, writers and poets who praised its

Autumn special package

The autumn is the ideal season for a relaxing break and reveling in the beauties of the Sorrento peninsula and its landscapes. The temperatures are

As if by magic…

Feel you are being treated like a king and his queen …. A romantic escape to total relaxation to find yourself and each other! Be transported to a

Because of you

Do you wish for escape and a romantic night away with your partner  to leave the daily routine far behind and present a fabulous surprise to your

Romantic Escape

A romantic break with your loved one, two days of sheer relaxation to recover harmony in your couple. Ideal for anyone wishing to present their

October Harmonies

Summer in Sorrento is a quick, hectic season. The narrow streets and lanes, the squares teem with people all heading in their own directions, focused